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We Deliver

We deliver on what is promised and meet or exceed the objectives we have mutually established. Listed below are several testimonials regarding our work.


“I have known Tom for many years as an outspoken advocate of healthcare safety and quality improvement.  As Virginia Mason's Board Chair, he worked to make healthcare safer and more patient centered.  Tom has the ability to assist healthcare organizations to build consensus around organizational and cultural values.  He is effective in collaborating with diverse stakeholders to build, vision, create alignment and inspire action, while infusing true humanism into healthcare operations.  Tom is unwavering in his commitment to the patient and his ambition to take great leaps forward."

Gary Kaplan, MD, Chairman and CEO Virginia Mason Health System

“Tom is one of those rare individuals whose integrity, dedication, intellect and endless good nature converge to produce someone North America needs to clone.  I have witnessed repeatedly Tom's superlative ability to juggle very complex organizational factors as well as develop collegial interactive teams.  These rare traits have proven invaluable to the institutions to whom I have recommended his services and in every instance he has single-handedly made a difference in changing the very culture of the affected organizations"

John Nance 

Writer, Author, Healthcare Improvement Advocate

Tom Van Dawark, through Orca Partners, LLC, has provided invaluable leadership and values consulting to Shee Atiká, Inc. over the past two years. Tom’s guidance and assistance was critical to our successful strategic planning process that included updating our values, mission, and vision.  The board will continue to engage with Orca Partners in the future. I would recommend Tom to any organization that is looking for an effective
leadership and management consultant. He takes the time to understand the unique culture of an organization and offers guidance on how to be a highly functional and focused team.

Rob Allen, Board Chair

Shee Atika, Inc. 

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