Governance Practices Matter

An extensive governance best practices library supports our work for you.

Our library of governance best practices currently consists of over 250 bundles of practices, policies, procedures and templates shown by others to accelerate the pace of performance improvement.  The best practices are continuously optimized through research, and informed by governing experiences and consulting work. A Guidance Council oversees content.  The resources are organized by the five core governing roles for guiding, overseeing and supporting organizational performance.  Within each role the practices are aligned with specific responsibilities of the board, each board committee, board members and the CEO.

Practices Organized by Governing Roles
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Practices Aligned with Specific Responsibilities

  • The governing board

  • Each board committee

  • Board members

  • The CEO

  • The C-suite

  • Administrative and clinical leaders


Learn what works for others - complimentary

The Orca Opportunities Survey ask participants for their views on what practices making a difference for others have the greatest opportunity to make an impact in your organization.  We suggest that in addition to board members and the CEO, other groups include board committees, CEO direct reports and selected stakeholder departments. The online Survey is conducted on the well respected SoGoSurvey platform.  Feedback is secure, confidential and information is considered in the aggregate only.

Bundle examples 

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Adopt what works for you

Survey feedback is sorted and displayed in a number of ways and the automated reports are configured to meet your specific needs.  We assist in analyzing the information and selecting the practices that can make the greatest difference in performance in your organization.  


Feedback reporting capabilities 

Report detail​

  • Governance roles ranked by greatest potential

  • Bundles ranked by impact within each role

  • Practices ranked by impact within each bundle​​

  • Customized reports based upon need

Report sorting

  • All participants 

  • Each participant group 

  • ​Comparison of participant groups


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